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When the entire lifecycle of publishing needed to be reimagined and redesigned to ensure sustainability and success, Layout International offered their clients a seamless experience, from planning to execution. We enabled many organizations to digitally transform their processes, migrate and integrate to work on a single platform.


Great productivity with minimum effort and expenses.

By automating many routine content-handling tasks that consume time and resources in conventional solutions, NewsPublish platforms free up your staff making them more available for content creation.
It also enables simultaneous collaboration, replacing the slower waterfall approach in favor of an agile approach where teams can work in parallel.


Adapting to Change

NewsPublish tools are flexible and designed to meet the publishing industry needs. From easy implementation to simple configurations, NewsPublish solutions fulfill each publisher's unique and specific needs, while giving full control over amendments and changes.

Business Mobility

Anywhere, Anytime

Whether you’re on a smartphone or a full-sized workstation, NewsPublish will allow you to interact in the most efficient way. Our platform allows you to deliver media across channels and devices—from desktops, tablets and mobile to Smart TVs, digital kiosks and print media—and provide a personalized user experience.


Achieving revenue growth

We have the tools and expertise to help Publishers monetize content and achieve revenue growth on all digital platforms.

Speed & Simplicity

Up and running in no time

With journalist friendly tools and capabilities designed for speed and simplicity, NewsPublish is one of the easiest and fastest CMS to implement in the market. NewsPublish is easy to use and powerful enough to drive your entire news organization.

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