NewsPublish Suite offers a customer-centric suite of versatile products that meet the needs of digital publishing.

As technologies evolve and businesses change, NewsPublish Suite is made to adapt and empower your organization through any environment.
Create, deliver and optimize content across channels, websites, and mobile apps while analyzing performance within a single, simple to use interface.

Headless eCMS

NewsPublish is a robust web-based platform that provides all of the core content management services needed to create, capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content related to organizational processes. It is a practical solution for centralizing unstructured content and better managing the entire content lifecycle.

  • Automated Journalism: Generate Stories automatically through our AI Technology
  • Feed Acquisition: We created a set of tools for managing Big Data that comes in unstructured. The feed acquisition sorts data received from emails, news sources, social media, and RSS feeds, categorizes it, extracts analytics and displays the relevant content.
  • Freelance: Manage all your freelancers/contributors, and calculate their monthly dues.
  • Central Monitoring Tool: Monitor news flowing from different
  • Editorial Planning: Our Editorial Planning is a visual calendar that helps a team of content creators and photographers schedule and track their work on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Page Builder: Create, edit, and manage your website’s elements using an intuitive, user-friendly interface.
  • Mobile and Tablet Support: NewsPublish runs as a smart App on a mobile device — a smartphone or a tablet — and can be used to create and organize content on the go.

Premium Read

Premium Read is an Easy-to-use Paywall solution with unlimited possibilities. Our Paywall helps media & publishing businesses to monetize, manage and grow sustainable revenue into the digital world. With over 25 years of experience in publishing, Layout International offers a game changing highly configurable & independent platform, built considering simple UX and seamless integration with NewsPublish or any existing CMS. The framework enables digital publishers to set a bar on premium content viewing and monetizing it efficiently. It is a secure paywall with all the required control and flexibility that a digital publisher expects.

NewsPublish Video Streaming

  • NewsPublish Video Streaming is an online video platform, designed to easily publish videos.
  • Video Streaming reaches viewers on all platforms, including native Apps, mobile web and smart
  • TVs. Video Streaming goes beyond the capabilities of a typical video platform, offering a host
  • of live video features like live video clipping, live-to-VOD workflows and FCC-compliant closed
  • captioning, enabling sophisticated online workflows for broadcasters and digital publishers alike.


Analytico offers real-time reporting on user behavior, geographical distribution, device distribution, clicks source, etc.
It integrates across all of your digital channels to see how each of your individual channels (e.g., Websites, mobile Apps, social media, blogging, email marketing, SEO, etc.) are performing.

With Analytico you can find out whether a specific page or article is reaching out to the audience. It can tell you which ads, articles and pages are drawing readers. Equally important, it can tell you which ones aren't.
Thanks to the almost instantaneous information Analytico provides, you can track how your individual prospects and audience are interacting with your various digital media platforms, and make your content timely and targeted giving you the ability to attract new readers and new subscribers.

Employees efficiency reports and Digital Media files usage reports are also available in analytico.


NewsPublish API & Connector make content available through any channel and on any device using most elaborate and effective tools and programming languages. It also provides a higher level of security and much better scalability.

NewsPress Print &
ePaper Automation

NewsPress Print Automation is the tool to plan and manage your publications, assign page templates, layout pages in seconds, monitor progress, and easily edit pages. You will be able to place your assets on your pages and generate an e-paper to be published automatically on your website.

Also, you can plan and manage ad placements and automatically load them in place in InDesign. NewsPublish ePaper makes it possible for publishers to effortlessly publish content in a digital newspaper format. It provides a reading experience that is flexible, accurate, and secure for publishers on all platforms.

NewsPublish Page Automation
Powered by

    Automate the print manufacturing workflow for your entire publication with NewsPublish powered by, The Globe and Mail’s artificial intelligence engine for automation and optimization.

  • NewsPublish powered by, The Globe and Mail’s artificial intelligence engine for automation and optimization.
  • Streamline and modernize your publication through customized workflows to manage the entire production process.
  • Empower your team to focus on creating engaging content and not worrying about using a complicated, outdated set of tools.
  • Deliver a reliable, fully autonomous version of your paper without sacrificing the look and feel that your readers have come to know and love.
  • Unify the content creation and management experience for any channel – digital (ePaper) or print.

NewsPublish Digital Media Management

Our Digital Media Management solution creates a central repository for all your digital media assets.
It automates many processes making the search much more efficient with an easy access to all of your internal files from any place.

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